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May 12, 2019
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So I need some help understanding EID readers and scales.

We rent a scale yearly a couple times and are spoiled with the system. A Gallagher TSi2 with a really high end Gallagher wand. We track weights adg and put the shots/ stuff into the tsi2 scale head.

We are considering getting our own system to be used on a more regular basis as part of our management system.

I however don't quite understand each pieces role in a complete management system.

The scale heads role is obvious, I am able to build animal profiles, tags, breeds, pedigrees ect. Use the wand to scan rfid tags ect.

The wand is where my confusion starts. All the high end wands I have seen seem to have the same functionality of the scale head in terms of data tracking.

My question is, do the scale heads and wands communicate data? Ie if i scan an animal with the wand in the field and update data, will the data show on the scale head later in the year? Or do they operate independently of each other and can only communicate rfid numbers.

I have seen sheep people with the gallaghers carrying around their scale head and their wand for daily managment. If thats the case to me a 650 dollar pocket screen less rfid reader seems cheaper and just as effective rather then a 2500 wand

If I invest 10k into a system like this, I want to record every single data point possible and record nearly every interaction with my herd. Id like to be able to make health notes in the field, and see them update later on as reference points.

Those with high end systems how exactly do you utilize them? Whats your process?

This would apply to any of the high end systems I assume.

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Sep 1, 2016
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Shenandoah ValleyVirginia
I don't know anything about the scales and such. What I can tell you as a milk tester, the newer systems that have recorders... say an ear tag, leg band , rfid chop or something... will record on the device it is closest to. Many of the dairy farmers I work with also have stuff on their phones and/or a pocket type scanner... and most simply have to do a "synch" with the "main unit"..... it only takes a few minutes/seconds... and then everything is the same on all the devices. Many synch daily or once a week.... all according to whether they are just using the hand held most times...

So, you need to talk to the rep of whatever system you are looking at. There may be some that can "synch" through a wi-fi and so will do it automatically. Tell them what you want... and what you expect.


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Feb 26, 2017
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Gallagher website
I don't own a Gallagher system, but on the website I see the TSi2 system and the HR5 reader/data collector. Have you looked at the system solution brochure on the website?

According to page 11 of the brochure, only the TSi2 system can track animal pedigree and treatment history. The TSi2 system would be able to do everything; it just isn't portable.

The HR5 is what Gallagher calls a portable data collection device. All "high end wands" are not same. There will be different models that can do different things and you have to know what you want to be able to do. The Gallagher animal data transfer app is referenced in the brochure. If you collect data on the HR5, use the app to upload the new data.

You should reach out to a Gallagher sales rep.