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If they could show that each pound of beef was made more efficiently than average it would be more impressive if they are worried about emissions. Is she an efficient cow or a gas guzzler?
It still bugs me that ag gets so much blame due to being a soft target.

While I support climate scientists in their field of expertise... this article says, "Climate scientists agree that people need to consume less beef, the largest agricultural source of greenhouse gasses and a driver of Amazon deforestation."

Which is outside of their field of expertise.

In fact, cattle on pasture are a net benefit to the sequestration of greenhouse gasses for several reasons. They do produce methane, but naturally evolved prokaryotes, methanotrophs, digest natural methane and turn it into components of a healthy, human friendly atmosphere. They build soils and inject fertility in to soil better than anything humans have ever done... by far. And healthy tall grass prairie grasslands sequester greenhouse gasses as well or better than forests.

And... the Brazilian rainforests are being cut for lumber. That's how the logging is paid for. The soils being exposed are very poor and won't grow crops... but after a couple of decades with cattle enriching the soils the land transitions to cropland. So cattle are only a transitional effort to create arable land for crops.

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