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Romagnola can be use as a terminal breed he will add alot of pounds, You can keep some Romagnola F1 heifers as replacements they will add Protein to the milk eventhough they not milk much but is more than enough to raise a calf. I have cross Romagnola with Charolais, Simmentals and I have use it in my commercial herd and it work pretty well. It can be compare with the bos indicus for their rustic and heat tolerance qualities

> Has any one worked with or know
> any one that has use the romagnola
> as purebred or crossbreeding
> programs. The are a pretty cow.
> Curt

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I use a Romagnola Bull and have added pounds to my calves. I sold a six month old bull calf last year that weighed almost 700 pounds. They are small at birth and grow very well. My cows are all breeds (commercial). I'll buy another when the time comes!
> I run a herd of Angus & Brangus. I have just purchased a Romagnola bull to give extra hybrid vigour to the F1 calves. I will keep the heifer calves and breed from them (with a stud Angus bull). I am told by the breeder, even though they appear a white colour the calves will be black and polled as black is dominant and the Romagnola bull has black skin. I have spoken to breeders that have been down this path, the only regret they have is not doing it sooner. Calves are being weaned straight off thier mothers at 300kg(@ 7 months) and finished on grain @ 10 months to achieve 400kg plus. Remember number of calves * wieght = $$$$$

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