Replacement heifers vs breds?

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Oct 4, 2015
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Miami, OK (NE OK)
I've got 8 bred heifers roughly 750-800lbs and 7 replacements roughly 500-600lbs. The replacements are heifers that wouldn't fit on the trailer back in Nov and I decided to hold them until Feb-March. May keep a couple of them if I don't find more breds. I separate the breds from cows to feed them better.
Question is, can I run both groups together and feed them same and get good results? I don't want the breds over fat yet get the best gains from reps without them being over fat either? Plan is about 3-3.5lbs of 37%cubes for breds every other day. 6-7lbs of 4way mix12.5%. Would straight cubes suffice for reps?
If I run them together I could do a mix of cubes and 4way. Mostly just trying to cut down on groups and time without giving up gains or over feeding.
I don't know know what your other feed is that you mentioned, but you do NOT need high protein. That's the fastest way to grow the fetus. Good hay and cheap corn would work best for both groups, but obviously best to feed separate. I feed my replacements up to 5# whole shell corn/hd/day and my bred heifers only get hay....good hay, baleage.

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