Preventing Bloat - naturally?

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Jun 25, 2017
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I am new to cattle raising but I have not found anything in regards to preventing cattle bloating except for putting a defoamer/chemical on feed or pasture or by minimizing the amount of nutritional grasses that a cow can consume. I want to prevent bloat not treat it after the fact, naturally and without the use of chemicals. I have very tall and moist gazing pastures, but I would not say there is an over abundance of legumes, just more native vegetation that is very tall. What do grass fed cattle ranchers do to prevent their free ranging cattle from getting bloated? I want to turn my pregnant heifers out into thick mature native pastures but not have to give them chemicals or to go mow the field before releasing them onto field... recommendations anyone???

Thank you!
As long as your pasture is mostly grass they won't bloat. I would not turn hungry cows on pure alfalfa, but grass won't be a problem.
Thank you so much! I was worried when I had someone told me they may bloat because I had talk green grass.
Certain legumes are non-bloat. But alfalfa and clovers are not part of that group. That is why I don't plant alfalfa and try to kill back clovers as much as possible.
Thank y'all so much for your answers. I run my cattle with my exotics and I feed them clover and alfalfa on plots but they usually beat the cows to it. I only have the clover, etc planted in plots but I do have rye that comes up pretty good. Really glad y'all reassured me. Thanks!
The particular dangers with alfalfa, clover, and bloat is the fresh, lush growth.. Usually if you wait to turn them out until it's well into flower, they'll have no problem with it... I always have some grass mixed in as well.

Don't turn hungry cows onto it.. Feed them well first, and watching them is always good.. In 25 years, I've had them kinda bloat once.. I chased them off the field and made them walk around a while, then they were OK.

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