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Feb 17, 2006
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we hv a small cow that we had to pull a calf from 3 weks ago. she didn hav a big milk sak. can cows hav prem. we gave him some colostrum dont know how much. hes in a pen, has a cast on his leg? do we need to let him walk around, give him water?
Yes cows can have premie calves.
Not much info there starbaby.
Is mom still with him? Is he nursing? pooping? peeing?
Some cows do not have a big sac, but if the calf is trying to nurse on anything around him after nursing on the cow then the cow is not producing enough milk. If that is the case then getting some milk replacer into the calf is a good idea.

What is the cast for? Did his leg get broke?
yeah, cows can calve prematurely, but he's alive, which is good. Why does he have a cast? Make sure he is getting enough to eat, you said the mother didn't have much of an udder. You may have to bottle feed him, and yes he should be moving around by now.