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Yep. Anything can be over done. They should die down in a week or so when the new wears off. If not they can be turned off.
Yes...polls are new on this board. However, a well thought out poll that is designed to satisfy someone's curiosity or to obtain some specific information about a topic can be informative to the poll designer.

Granted these voluntary polls are not in any way scientific. They only reflect (supposedly) the opinions of "volunteers" and not responses from a scientific random sample. On the other hand, such informal polls can be used to obtain feedback on a topic where the individual voter can "remain anonymous" and (hopefully) submit an honest opinion. It is another way to find out the "climate" or feelings of the membership on the board.

Any mechanism by which we can all learn a little more about the livestock industry and related issues is supposedly a good tool.

On a sidebar...I really appreciate the new Messageboard Format where people can indicate their geographic location. Such information is very helpful to better understand "who's doing the talking" so responders can better understand how (or if they want to) to respond. We should not feel threatened by revealing our general location! Don't think any of us cattle people are "Stalkers"...lol.
Running Arrow I appreciated your polls. Hey by the way, I found that book you were talking about through Amazon and purchased. I can't wait for it to arrive. I'm certain it will be a nice addition to my collection.

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