piggy eater

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Hi my pony Alvin is a real piggy eater he eats his own food really fast and then he snitches the goats' food. It doesn't seem to hurt him he hasn't colicked or anything but I want to slow him down. I know he was bossed around when he lived with about 5-8 other geldings but he was only told to stay away by the TBs. Alvin was the runt just because he is a pony. However, he did eat at least 3 other horses' grain. Rocks don't work for this feed tub (low, not a bucket) because he just throws them out again. Thanx.
We have a mare running with our horses that is also a piggy eater..We have to separate them at feeding time or tie her with a halter rope so that she only has access to her own feed until everyone is finished eating.

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