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Dec 22, 2006
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west virginia
My old pear tree is loaded this year, not much of a raw pear eater, but like them cooked. Anyone with ideas of how to put them up as far as canning goes and what kinda of spices and stuff to use. Ate some pears one time that were cinnamon flavored they were good but dont know how to make them. Any ideas or secerts ?
Hell, ship them to me - I love raw pears, so does my entire family! I would love to experience a real, honest to God, home grown pear! Short of that, though, google cinnamon pears - you'll get a lot of results, and will only need to decide which recipes sound the most promising. I've never tried to can or make anything with pears, as the only thing I have available are the store bought ones, and they leave a lot to be desired. Sorry I couldn't be of more help.
We had a pear tree growing up but they were the hard green kind. We still ate them right off the tree. Mom used to put them up like apples and used them in pies and preserves. I've never been one to put up preserves but my sister does it.

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