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Aug 15, 2006
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I wrote a fan Email to Taylor Anderson (author) and he Emailed me back! WOW!
peg4x4":2222bh4n said:
I wrote a fan Email to Taylor Anderson (author) and he Emailed me back! WOW!
I didn't know who he was, so I goggled him. Very impressive. Must be a smart dude (even if he is in Texas. :lol2: ) Gun maker,historian,etc.

OK, you e-mailed and he e-mailed back. Now that you have put out the bait, are you going to tell us the content of those e-mails? :???:
You'll have to google him,as I can't explan-except to say a group pf humans find themselves in a world that did not get hit by whatever,and evolution took another turn..set just after Pearl Harbor.
What I wrote about-he'd asked for ideas for critters in the books,I suggested Glyptdon~~that's an arnadillo the size of a VW Beetle with a club on the end of their tail. I think their really neat,tho don't want one in the garden!
Why does that surprise you Peg ???
We all know how special you are and what a great gal you are too. So why wouldn't others as well. ;-)

He sounds like a very nice man.. :)
Reminds me of the man who wrote Richard Nixon for an autograph.

Nixon hand wrote him a letter explaining that he did not give people autographs, but he did sign the letter.

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