Obsolete Messages???

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With this new software we can automatically delete any message over "x" days old on a daily basis.

I guess my thoughts on this are:
  • The old messages are on the pages at the end of the Board.
    If you don't want to see the old messages, just don't go past the first page or two.
    A lot of the information in the old posts is still applicable and easily accessible with Search.
    We have plenty of space on our new server's hard drive.
    So I am inclined to leave them.

However we want to do what our Users want. Any comments?

Hey! The "List" button is kinda' neat.
I don't see any harm in having them around for a while. As you say, if you don't want to see them, don't look. Macon, I may learn to like this format. Happy Holidays!!
I personally enjoy having the old messages around. Being a newby, it is helpful to look back at them and get alot of information. This new format makes it so much easier to go back into the archive also.
Thanks Macon!

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