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Jun 4, 2007
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Beaverdam, virginia
i AM NO LONGER GETTING NOTIFICATIONS FROM THE FORUM ABOUT TOPICS sorry......caps lock key was on again....

anyhow not getting ntoifications about topics like I use to...

I have reset my notifications settings to get an e-mail .....

but I never get any ....used to get them all day long...
I never got notifications about anything other that PM's in my email.. I do have notifications about quotes, etc in the notification bar though
I have reset my notification preferences a dozen times including logging off.....and nothing has changed and when I go back again it is not set to my preference which is an e-mail about new post on threads I am following....
hooray.....this morning I got two notifications via e-mail that there were posts to threads I had commented on....
don't know how it got fixed but glad it is working again.

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