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Jogeephus":1wf2pdx8 said:
Congratulations and if you need any taste-testers please let me know. :nod:

Clever comment. Anyone working there is probably biased. Wouldn't hurt to get outside opinions from people that raise the best tasting meat on the planet (other than Wagyu).
I have one question. Who put the pictures on the 'cattle' page under the 'explore the farm' link?

It says, "We have two of the most famous beef breeds in the world... ...Angus & Hereford." Then you have pictures of Angus and Jerseys. :roll: I don't get it.
I'll keep you all in mind if any testers are needed, just a bit far for you to come, Herefordsire, I don't think I will be going to the top, but even so I wouldn't stay away from the forum!
Tommy Ruyle, I will be starting at the start of next month so I don't know who updates the website but I will bring it to their attention, I think there is just so much going on with two beef breeds, split into traditional and modern, Jersey and buffalo milkers, and various sheep and pig breeds (including wild boar) the non farming head office staff probably loose track of what is going on!

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