New addition to the bull pen

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TN Cattle Man":1xs9jpsl said:
I like him Aaron! Pretty thick bodied for a yearling bull!! Was he pushed hard with feed?

Not terribly so. He has a lot of natural thickness through both sides of his pedigree which is why he was the highest weaning weight of all the bulls, born to heifers, in the sale. He has phenomenonal, no-fault cows in every line of his pedigree.
Stocker Steve":5eeh2bzb said:
Aaron":5eeh2bzb said:
Stocker Steve":5eeh2bzb said:
Nice. How far away is he?

678 miles. :lol:

He moves faster than any Hereford bull I have seen, but that is still a long drive.

I let others worry about that. Can't even pay for the fuel round trip for what I am charged for hauling him here. $300 will get him in the yard.

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