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Great picture. A couple months ago I got a video from the deer feeder of a bobcat catching a squirrel.
That's is neat!
I was checking cameras had 1800 hog pictures on one!
I was thinking holy crap till I put my bifocals on, I had set it on 5 seconds not 5 minutes.
We had to quit feeding September 1st but I had more pictures of other animals than of deer. One picture had 9 coons, lots of squirrel and turkey. It seemed the deer liked the clover better than the corn.
Seems on mine every time the leaves wiggle I get a pic. I have moved it three times and beginning to wonder if there is a perfect spot to be had.
Awesome pic of the cat looking up the tree at the squirrel 🐿! I had one a few years back of ole Bob with a squirrel in his mouth .
No one believed me until I got a game camera. Somewhere I have a picture of 5 raccoon, 1 was climbing the feeder leg and spinning the slinger. Some fat raccoon. I had to make a cage.

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