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Nov 16, 2015
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It's been posted on another thread about Netflix, Hulu, amazon and etc.

Short of The Ranch, Longmire and occasional documentary or whatever I can't find anything that interest me.

I'm the summer I don't turn the TV on but cold winter and short days I'd like to find some TV entertainment.

Anything out there I'm missing out on ?
GODLESS, I binge watched it all and thinking I will probably watch it again. Best thing I have watched in a good while. Started a thread about it the other day don't think it got much play tho. Thinking I will check out Hickok too.
Hell on Wheels, Sons of Anarchey, The Ozarks, Was one about a rayburn family not sure name, Some of the Netflix original movies are just weird.
I like YouTube better than the rest. Plenty of high quality production to pick from, as well as some really good amateur channels.
If you don't mind subtitles, Noble is good. It is about Norwegian special forces in Afghanistan. It shows how their military is fighting a good fight, while their government forces almost impossible rules of engagement on them. The Norwegian government is conflicted with pacifist policies and a good fighting force engaged in the Afghanistan quagmire,
I got an email Saturday from Netflix telling me my rates were going up to $10.99 a month. I asked my wife what we're paying now and she said $10.81. I guess that ain't so bad.

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