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Sep 9, 2016
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North Central Alabama
I need some help getting a mid Eighties Long 460 diesel tractor (Fiat engine) running. We are pretty sure it's a fuel issue.(Note: I am not a mechanic)

Note: It was my Uncle's farm tractor, (he passed away about two years ago). The tractor cranked and ran good the last time he was able to use it. Since then it has been sitting for over two years. I got it started bout a year ago, ran bout 30 min and quit. Got it cranked a week later, ran bout 30 min and quit. Since then, No crank and No run.

Things we have done: drained the fuel, flushed the tank, replaced with fresh fuel, replaced the lift pump, replaced the fuel line from tank to lift pump, removed and cleaned all fuel lines, removed injection pump and had injection pump rebuilt, replaced both upper and lower fuel filters.

I now have everything back together. I started bleeding air from the system, using the manual lift pump, got both lower and upper fuel filters bled out. I got fuel to the injection pump lower bleed plug, but not to the bleed plug on the upper side of the injection pump.

I have NO fuel to the injector lines, tried using manual pump and tried cracking engine over to let injection pump work, still no fuel past the injection pump. Note: I had injection pump rebuilt, then later had it tested at a different shop. They have assured me, the pump is not the problem.

Any ideas, thoughts or suggestions?
You say, "No crank, no run". Need to have a good battery. Have it tested under load to be sure no dead cells. Clean all cables, positive and negative. Often the problem is the ground cable never replaced or had the ends cleaned. Be sure to remove the end at the tractor frame and clean to a shine, both the cable and the metal it attaches to.

For the fuel issue, turn the fitting on the lines at the injectors so they are loose, don't remove them, just so air can escape. You might be able to get fuel moving by cutting an inner-tube and using a hose clamp to put around the tank fill area with the valve stem sticking up. You can then put about 4-5# of air in the fuel system to help push fuel through it. You probably have air trapped in the lines somewhere. Do NOT overpressurize the fuel system.

When fuel comes out at the injector lines, keep pumping fuel until there are no bubbles, then tighten the nut. Continue until all lines are clear of bubbles.

She'll probably fire of now!!
I'm also wondering about the no crank deal. ?? Of course it won't start if it doesn't crank. Assuming it cranks and cranks fast enough. Another trick that works sometimes to clear a air lock type problem is to clamp off the rubber return line with a pair of needle nose vise grips.
Often will bump pressure enough to get injectors to open. Be ready to remove the clamp when it fires.
I'm not sure those tractors had them but check that there's not wires running to a fuel shutoff solenoid on the injection pump.

If there is make sure you are getting 12V to it while cranking
Had a Long 350 It quit one day , would not start, It had some junk in the Injector pump.
Cleaned the pump and it works now.
I'm not sure those tractors had them but check that there's not wires running to a fuel shutoff solenoid on the injection pump.

If there is make sure you are getting 12V to it while cranking
From the pictures of the tractor I found, it's a CAV/Delphi/DPA style pump and a manual shutdown lever.. make sure that's in the right position!
I think you jumped the gun a bit with getting the injector pump rebuilt, I hope you got it back on right with the timing?
As far as the cranking goes you sometimes get problems on the low current side of the solenoid, corroded wires, wire falling off the key switch and then there are the safety switches on the clutch that rerquires it to be depressed that can play up. Just get a small jumper wire and bridge from the +ve terminal of the battery to the small wire on the solenoid coming from the key switch and see if that gets any action.


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