My Marked Up Calf

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Joe, He'll remain intact while here.
We use to band them as we found them new. When we had a full commercial herd. As we got older and help got limited we moved to having them castrated and implanted during herd work by Vet. Some Bad experiences came from that. Too many infections and finally we had one bleed to death. Again work was all done by vet. So from then on all ours stay intact while here. I like how they grow and for the most part don't leave to much money at the sale barn. Plus I don't have to worry about which I want to be steers and which to be bulls since we raise register purebred simmentals now. Only real down side is they bother the herd bull sometimes when cows are in heat.
Remind us, Mike, what's the breeding behind him?
Got a couple of SVF Allegiance calves that are almost that flashy, this spring, out of baldy SimAngus cows; wish they'd both been heifers, but got one of each.
Trying to put more white faces back in the mix here... not necessarily going for all the extra chrome, but there's enough back behind many of our cows that it's gonna show up...but I don't care... we like it.
His Sire is SVF A53, a HTP/SVF Packin Heat W339 blaze face son. PH is out of Ebony's Trademark x DMN Daisy Mae don't see the chrome coming from there. A53's mother is SVF Savannah S427 a black baldy, she's a SVF/NJC Built Right N48 x TripleC Shesavannah K137(Power Drive daughter). Dam of calf is sired by Double J Wes a WLE Power Stroke son. Maternal side of Dam were all solid colored stock raised here on farm. Therefore, Lucky I'd say the chrome is coming from SVF/NJC Built Right N48.
I have noticed a few Allegiance calves being flashy as well.
The only way a calf can have BODY spots (white mark on shoulder) is if he inherits two spotting genes - one from the sire & one from the dam. Spotting is recessive. Both parents (and grand-parents) could be solid colored and were carrying the recessive gene, so it would not be expressed.
Thanks Jeanne, good to know. Not sure where it's at on the cow side then. All of her calves have been solid or just with a blaze face before this one. Same goes for her dam and the dam before as far back as I remember. Guess it's just hidden.
Yes, if she has not been mated to a recessive spotting gene bull, she NEVER will/would have spots on her calf. And if she does get mated to a bull carrying the gene, you only have a 25% chance of getting the spots on the calf.
That's a nice looking calf. Just out of curiosity, is there a test that will tell you if an individual is carrying the gene for body spots? Or do breeders have to figure it out by "trial and error"?
All I knows that I've seen Simmentals and SimAngus have labelled as spotting gene carriers on the bull sale ads.

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