multi min 90 without a script

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Sep 4, 2006
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myakka city fl
really..i gotta get a script for it now...crud.

anyplace I can get it without one..i get my rabies stuff outta Australia without a script but they don't carry multi min
Yeah I even tried to find it foriegn shipped without a script but they request a script. My doctor wont give me a script for a bottle. Its like a racket. They had it on ebay from Australia, need a script. Almost wonder if I could go across the border to Mexico and get it like when the tourist get valium from the Mexican doctors. I live close enough.
the rep has the script..we cant even do that in florida....It is also used on humans so I guess that's why but its not abuseable. getting a script is horsepoop....its about convenience for me...getting a script is a pita
wbvs58":14bnf3fg said:
A script is not needed when we buy it in Australia, must be a requirement to get it into the US.

Yeah they canceled my order from Australia when I didnt have one. I was buying 2 bottles to stock up.
Is it that tough to get a script? I call my vet, its delivered to my house the next day and cheaper than valley vet.
bse":3f4tsg79 said:
Is it that tough to get a script? I call my vet, its delivered to my house the next day and cheaper than valley vet.
all 3 of my vets will only give it to me in a syringe with a good markup, you got someone that will write me a script for it?
I don't see the trouble. I buy from one place and they keep a yearly script for everything I buy.
A lot of vets also sell meds, they will give the script and sell to you.
Anyone with cattle should have access to all sorts of meds. That over the counter stuff is useless.
If you can't find a company that has their own vet to write the scripts then find a vet you can use.
Not some BS in syringe.
Jeanne - Simme Valley":29ulg1br said:
Multimin is a good product. I don't understand why a vet would give you any trouble for a script, unless you mean he only wants you to buy direct from him/her???
Yes thats exactly what it is
well that and since I work 10 hrs a day at a reg job getting a script from a vet is a pita. not like they will just give me one over the phone and drop it off. they don't wanna drop by when theyre in the area on a sat or sun..cuz they never are...and im not home on tues from noon to 4 when theyre here at the dairy 30 mi away...

logistically its a pita....idont know why the places that sell it just cant write a the script..i mean its a booster shot why do I even need one
Multi-Min is not a vaccine - it is not a booster shot. Selenium is considered "dangerous" at high levels, so therefore it cannot be sold without a prescription. No vet worth his salt, will give a prescription to someone they don't know. I get "over-the-phone" prescrips all the time, but I'm not opposed to paying a vet to visit my farm when I need one.
If your vet visits a dairy near you, won't he leave it with them? If your vet knows you & trusts you, he would leave it there for your convenience.
I've never used it so know nothing about it. Sure seems expensive for something normally supplied in high quality feed and mineral. Do you also need a prescription for Mu-Se and Bo-Se??

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