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Jun 15, 2020
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Have been reading about MSMA. Read that it is not intended for weed control on pasture that live stock will graze and that hay will be cut off of.

It is only supposed to be applied 2 times a year.

It isn't supposed to be used on play grounds that kids will play on.

It takes 999 years before it can dissolve from the soil it has been sprayed on.

It's used for weed control on turf grasses like golf courses and sod farms.

Was talking to a manager of a farmers co-op today who order MSMA in 55 gallon drums for a Bermuda grass producer who sprayed each 40 acre hay field every 28 days after each cutting 6 cuttings per summer for over the last 25 years. For around 800 acres.

This producer shipped tons of the MSMA sprayed hay via semi loads all across the U.S. would be willing to bet most of the people he sold it to was feeding it to some very expensive horses by paying $ 8 a bale and then the cost of having it shipped on top of that. And I also would bet they didn't have a clue they were feeding their expensive horses hay containing traces of arsenic in it.

Found an article dated back in 2007 about horses owners in Florida having horses having diarrhea and other intestinal problems. The USDA done an investigation to try and find out what was happening. Ended up placing the blame on mis use of glyphosate.
999 years? That is a hard NO!
That's one thing I read about it, am trying to learn more about it. Since that is a hard no I guess what I read was wrong ? Do you know a lot about MSMA ? Have or do you use it ? Like I said I am trying to learn more about it. Can you tell me what you know about it. Also read the high way departments used it on hwy right always but wasn't allowed to use it starting sometime around 2013 ?

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