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Feb 14, 2004
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I have tried the loose mineral and the blocks. I even had salt and mineral mixed in with the feed. They seem to prefer blocks. my question is how do you guys put them out. do you cover them or just todd them at at various places on the ranch. also does anyone feed the %37 protein blocks. I started a couple monthes ago and my cows have never looked better. I don't know if it is a compliment to the grass or what but it sure seems to be keeping a good body score on them around calving and after.
Loose minerals in barrel feeders, white salt blocks just chunked out on the ground a little ways from the water point.

Loose minerals in covered self feeders, and sulphur salt blocks. I think the cattle have fewer ticks when we use sulphur blocks.
We feed loose mineral mixed with cotton seed meal in the bunk feeders free choice all the time, and yellow and white and red salt blocks in the bunk feeders and near the stock tanks.
We provide special molasses tubs formulated for Longhorns made by BioRemedies, generic salt blocks, and will probably be using 30% protein tubs this winter until we use up about 25 round bales of bermuda and bluestem grass hay that has rather low protein content.

Loose minerals or the liquid feed minerals are too much trouble and all. Our mineral tubs and blocks are available free choice 24/7.
I use loose mineral. Put in a tire tub uncovered. It is formulated not to harden if it gets wet. Stays in a crumble. We don't have the wet like you have in the south either. The mineral is chelated and made for my mineral levels in the soil and hay. And gets the gut working so the cows get out and eat and utilize the grass.

In the summer it is put on the ridges of the mountains so the cattle stay high. And while in the bottom we put it out in various places. But the recomended per tub is 50 cows. Usually away from water sources so they don't eat it up out for the heck of it, unless it seems as if they need it more.
Free choice loose mineral in tubs. Fine white salt in other tubs. The cows may not use any mineral for awhile and then go through 50# overnight it seems.

My mineral comes with salt in it. I have a few mineral feeders that are to move with the wind. They sometimes get dry, but my cows keep eating mineral after it has gotten wet. ;-)

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