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Tod Dague

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Jan 4, 2004
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Central Tx
I basal sprayed some mesquite about a month ago. These had about 2" bases. How long should I wait to cut theses out?
Well you are not getting many responses to your question so I thought I would put in my 2 cents. I have looked all through my Dow AgroSciences Brush Busters book and I can not find an answer. I would think you would need to give the poison time to work into the roots at least 9 months to a year. When you do indivual plant or broadcast spray they say do not cut till the next year. Probababy will need to ask your County Agent or call the chemical manufacture to get an accurate answer. I know how you feel when I broadcast spray it is hard to wait the recommended time, just because the top looks dead does not mean the roots are dead. Let us know when you get an accurate answer.
You don't say how you plan to cut them. But just guessing, if you use a chainsaw to cut them, just keep a sprayer with remedy and diesel mix handy to spray the stump. Kills them dead, just like the cut stump treatment on the label. Good luck..Tailgate
Thanks for the replies. I'll wait until next year. Mesquite that small I just shred with the shredder.
In two years the mesquite will rot standing. You can bump it with a 4wheeler or a tractor and it will shatter stump and all.I sprayed some two years ago with remedy and deisel mix and was out this spring running over them with a tractor and they just disinegrated (sp) thorns are even rotton and crumble.Been spraying for three years now and have about gotten rid of all of them.One feller said it takes about 5 years of steady spraying. But you do want warm weather not below 70 of a night. I havent started this year yet waiting until the nights get warmer. You do want to make sure you go all around the tree trunk or you will just kill one side.I carry a roll of TP with me and hang a strip in the tree so I can see which one I already sprayed.Those dies you put in the spray just don't do the job fades out in about 10 minutes.

Hope this helps.


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