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I know you've all grown tired of me alwasy suggesting that some one should get a mentor, but here is a thought. You don't have to be an old phart to be a mentor, if you have the knowledge/background make yourself available as a mentor. You may know cows but not the subject of MIG (this is just a for instance), but you may be able to help someone who has a knowledge of MIG but has only raised say stockers and now wants to get into cow calf. I know, lousey examples. Provide whatever knowledge/skills/whatever you have and in the long run you will gain a lot more knowledge on other subjects. Just my warped thoughts. I have been asked by several folks older then I to give them a hand/suggestions/etc., they were old enough I figured they wouldn't want to hear from a young (ahem, compared to them) whelp. So, if you have the knowledge, share it. End of sermon

dunmovin farms
I moved up to N Calif 2.5 years ago - still finding it hard to find (in the sense of communication) other folks that raise cattle. Lots of folks around - but ...

See if there is an old dairyman around, talk to your local FFA-4H ag leader, does the local school have an ag program, they're all places to start. Atten fairs, spend time in the cattle barns.

dunmovin farms

> I moved up to N Calif 2.5 years
> ago - still finding it hard to
> find (in the sense of
> communication) other folks that
> raise cattle. Lots of folks around
> - but ...

> alex
Hey Dun, Multiple Mentors are good too. I found that if you go to the sale barn pretty regularly,you'll lose your stage fright of asking the older fellows a question(that might seem dumb).Especially when they get to know you, and are flattered in a way that they are being respected as to you asking to pick their brains, or just get some good old advice!

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Folks who enjoy something are usually glad to talk about it and answer questions. That's what makes this board work. Dun you're right, if someone isn't too proud or bashful to ask questions they will be amazed at what they can learn. If you're looking for a mentor you might be wise to avoid asking questions to a loud mouth. That type usually spends too much time talking to ever pick up on a lot of information. Plus, there is often more than one right answer but the loud mouth type will think his way is the only way - which it probably is for his limited knowledge.

Also, another place to check would be your local large animal vet(s). They will not want to spend a lot of time giving out info and advice (can't blame them) but they could tell you some names of locals in the business.

They tell me that I would talk to a fencepost if it stood still long enough, and sometimes, I want that hat that says, "OF COURSE I talk to myself! I am the only one around here making sense!" But the best way to get someone talking is to talk to them. I stay with a small local feed store guy who has been in the area for years (born and raised as far as I can see). I "stay" means I shop there all of the time.... long enough that now he knows what I am trying to do on my place and doesn't think twice about giving me a ribbing about my overconditioned cows... or correct me in my choices if he sees me making one that will be detrimental to my operation. I drive up and down the road and see someone doing something interesting ... I stop and talk to them. I contact my county extension officer. I ask my Select Sires technician... I talk to my neighbors who may not be cattle people but they have been here longer than me and know more about what is going on around me. The suggestion about the local county fair is excellent. I have never been to a sale, but I know that where there are cattle, there is usually someone around who wants to talk to you. Who do you buy your hay from? Who wired your house, or fixed your plumbing last? Anyone you meet is a possible contact. And, remember... no one can shoot you for asking... they can tell you "no"... but they won't shoot you. Of course, living in california, that might be bad advice... lol... but I have found that most people don't shoot people for asking questions.

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Have you tried the local auctionyard? I'm in No. CA too and have found all kinds of friendly, helpful people. If you're anywhere near me I can steer you to some knowledgeable cattle people. But, I have to say this board has been a godsend.

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