Losing Hair Down The Back?

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Mar 4, 2015
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Central Texas

I have a young jersey bull losing hair down the back. I have seen it on necks from hay rings but never on a cows whole back, this goes almost to his tail. Havent seen him jump through the ring. Any idea if there would be another cause. 2 things different in the last 2 weeks. I sprayed fly spray on all my cattle 2 weeks ago, and I put a new hiefer I just bought a week ago with this jersey and the heifer he was already with.
RanchMan90":2ymznr9s said:
Lice. Cydectin should treat that.
Thats what I use. He is the only one who didnt get it. When I bought him 4 months ago the guy said he was good and had everything. I usually do all new buys over again just in case but wasnt planning on keeping him very long. Thanks, never seen lice before. I will get him treated.

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