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Oct 28, 2007
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Southeast Missouri
Has anyone ever been to one of Bud Williams 2 day livestock marketing schools?
There is one coming up in my area in June, I was thinking of attending but would like some opinions on it before I shell out the $500.
Here is a link to his site:
I would appreciate any feedback that anyone has on this program.

Joe, I don't have any experience with the school. But if you take it I would appreciate your opinion of it.
He must be a real sure 'nough cow man to read and handle cattle like that.

I looked at his "musings" on the website. He makes a lot of sense with his thoughts on work. Also of his thoughts on the differnces in generations and the influence of technology.
Of course I think anybody makes a lot of sense if they have a perspective similar to mine. :nod:
I know a guy who teaches the low stress cattle handling courses for the NCBA and he really likes the Bud Williams classes. I hear he has a good set of videos available.
I have a friend who went to Bud's school a few years ago. After he went I asked if he thought it was worth his time and money. He said it was.
Thanks for all of the replies!
I talked to a couple guys at the sale barn the other night that had been to the classes they both felt that the classes where worth the price.
I am going to call and find out if everything in the class is covered on the dvd, if it is then I may just order the dvd rather than having to wait till June to attend.

If anyone has any more info or opinions I would appreciate hearing them.
Unless youre new to cattle I imagine it would be a loss of 500 bucks which could be spent else where. Never been and know nothing of it but reading what the "testimonials" it seemed most of them just had a hard time moving cattle. Depends where you are at as to whether you need to spend 500 bucks or not to learn what he has to teach.

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