legal proceedings by certain US interests?

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Mar 10, 2004
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Manitoba, Canada
Goodale raises major Canadian trade irritants with U.S. official

WASHINGTON, Oct 03, 2004 (The Canadian Press via COMTEX) -- Finance Minister Ralph Goodale says he told his U.S. counterpart Saturday that fear of lawsuits from American groups shouldn't play any part in delaying renewed trade of Canadian cattle.

Goodale, attending annual meetings of the Group of Seven finance ministers, the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, also sat down with U.S. Treasury Secretary John Snow.

"There has been some discussion that if the United States would take steps to open the border, there would immediately be legal proceedings by certain (U.S.) interests and that process could then tie up the border-opening process," he said late Saturday.

Goodale said he told Snow that "spurious legal proceedings" shouldn't delay the reopening of the border.

"I think that point registered very well with (him).

"We think the science has been satisfied. There is no economic or trade policy justification for a continuing closure of the border. It's an issue that should have been resolved a long time ago."

Goodale said no conversation between Canadian and U.S. officials should take place without mention of the cattle ban and trouble over softwood lumber and wheat.

The U.S. closed its border to Canadian cattle and beef products in May 2003 after a case of mad cow was discovered in Alberta. Cows are still not allowed in.
You give me an idea, CR that I'm sure you'll agree on. We'll start penning lawyers at daylight when they're still bedded down and swap 'em to you head for head, load for load for some of your fats. Can't beat a deal like that, can you? I'd a helluva lot rather be surrounded by Canadian fats than American lawyers.

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