leafy spurge

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we have a big problem with spurge. I was just curious what others around the country are doing and if you are having any good results. we sprayed Tordon for 20 years then tried flea beetles for another 5 with some small success. A lot of our ground is sandy with a fairly high water table. That is why I quit with the brodleaf herbicides. If we don,t see more sucess with the beetles I am going to hit it hard with Round Up. I will appreciate any replies especially if you think i am doing the wrong thing...of course I would like to read your alternative
Plateau does the trick, but it is very expensive....may also kills some of the good grass, but getting rid of the spurge is the priority.....can also spot seed new grass.
In the sand, I've seen spurge roots up to 20' long. Unless you kill every last piece of that root, it will always come back. Hitting it hard with roundup probably won't work as it usually just burns the tops and loses its systemic properties if mixed too heavy. It is very hard to get rid of short of using a sterilant.

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