JD 5065e Shifting problem

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Sep 9, 2016
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North Central Alabama
5065e will not shift into reverse, also the A-B-C (speed) will not shift at all. never had a problem shifting before today, any ideas? Could this be weather related in any way? Used the tractor two days a ago, no problem, put it in the barn, temps have been around 5 degrees last two nights (highly unusual for here).
I'd think a hydraulic issue would affect all gears, not just one.

I suspect shift solenoid, or electrical.
Have had frozen shifters with open station E tractors. The rubber boots are very low quality. Putting a small custom cut down cardboard box and a heat source over the lever "fixed" it.

A "personal mini heater" comes in handy. They have a small fan and cost $11 at Walmart. They work better than a lamp.

The GD JD dealer here is out of fuel filters here... I used a mini heater in a cardboard box yesterday to melt a bio diesel fuel filter so i could feed. Merry Xmas.
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The others will know far better than I but the cold can mess with things sometimes. My 5075e didn't want to start the other morning at -2 but plugging it in for 2 hours did the trick. I did have a clamp that was loose that was leaking a little bit of coolant that I had to tighten though.