Insurrection at WALNUT CREEK..............

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Can't wait to read the rest of the comments to see if you win the stupidest of the day award.
Maybe you should be careful who you call stupid. Mrcopier knows what is going on.
He's right. "It is true if they steal less than $1000 it is a misdemeanor in California. So basically nothing happens to them."
It's also a state run by Democrats.
I'm not big on the Feds doing sh*t. But, they seem to not have problems building Prisons. I can't be the only one putting together 'criminals + organizing' help. Isn't that covered by the RICO Act? Silly me. Part #2: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE
Wednesday, May 26, 2021
Attorney General Merrick B. Garland Announces New Effort to Reduce Violent Crime.
Black Friday at 8 pm Burnsville Minnesota, a Best Buy store was robbed by a group of 20-30 people. No smash and grab, no weapons. In what appeared to be a copycat crime the group rushed into the store, stole electronics and rushed out before police could arrive. No injuries were reported. Guess you'd call it a grab and dash crime rather than a smash and grab.
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WALNUT CREEK, Calif. — About 80 people, some wearing ski masks and wielding crowbars, ransacked a high-end department store in the San Francisco Bay Area, assaulting employees and stealing merchandise before fleeing in cars waiting outside,
Damn hippies...

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