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Dec 30, 2016
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Albert city iowa
Has anyone ever used image maker angus bull before?? My ai guy said to be watching the heifer 2 weeks early due to the bull . Just wondering if anyone has ever used him before
I'll look tomorrow. Used circle a image maker at select sires and believe his sire was ha image maker at abs? We just Calved in our first circle a im and she is a dandy.
Are you talking about the old ABS bull, H A Image Maker 0415, or another one? There are a number of bulls with "Image Maker" in the name.
We used a Image Maker 0415 son reg# 16075337 back in 208 we still have some daughters out of the bull working. The draw back on his granddaughters is that they were a bit more hard doing than I like.

Full gestation ?? I have a charolais Heifer bred to image maker and her due date is April 2nd just wondering when I should really start checking up on her often
I had a Image Maker son a few years back. I really liked his calves. I don't remember them coming early. I do remember his switch getting flipping at about 4 years old. He went from being a puppy to flat out being dangerous.
OK, this was the bull I thought you might be talking about. I used him a couple of times, probably about seven years ago. Based on my records I don't see that the calves were born much earlier than their expected birth date. If you bred him to a first-calf heifer, I would probably start watching for signs of calving around 14 days before the expected birth date. That is just my standard protocol. If you need help with some of the things to watch for, we here on the forum can offer help. Best wishes and good luck! :)
Ok thank you all for your responses . Yes all my girls are first calf heifers . I have there calving pen all set up so now it's just a waiting game getting really excited but nervous at the same time hopefully everything goes as planned