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Aug 2, 2016
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I picked up a bag of wind and rain by purina with altosid in it to act as an igr. I have 10 angus yearlings, 9 piglets, 3 sheep, and 3 pregnant goats separate but near each other. Right now I only have the wind and rain for the cattle. My first question is, is there a cheaper option that is effective for getting the altosid (or another igr) to the cattle? Wind and rain is about $40/50 lbs near me. Second, is do I need to give an igr to the other animals? If yes, any recommendatiotions? Fourth, is an igr safe for a pregnant goat, if it's needed?
Not sure if IGR is approved for use with sheep and hogs. Sheep will need something with no added copper which limits your choices. No idea how to rid a place of flies when you have pigs. There are many other brands of minerals with IGR. You may just have to go shopping. Not saying one is better tha the other but should be some differences in the price. BTW nothing will get rid of all flies.
Nicklausjames... To be on the safe side, Wind & Rain should only be fed to cattle. As TB stated above, it's going to be a challenge to reduce flies when there are hogs around. Question for you... is the Purina W&R that you are purchasing the "All-Season" with Altosid? If so, that is an extremely high price for a 50lb bag. Around here (TN) that will cost you around $27.00. Even the "Hi-Mag" with Altosid should be around $30.00 or so.
Thx, I wasn't going to feed the wind and rain to the pigs or sheep I was just wondering if there was an alternative that would do the same thing with these animals.

Regarding the price, I'm in NY where we like to pay more for things, that is why I'm wondering if there is any alternative.
Hmm. I tried Rabon blocks 2 years ago. Maybe my cows were just 'hungry' but they went thru those blocks like crazy.
I went back to the loose mineral with altsoid.
I used the powder and mixed it with my hi mag, until they came out with the hi mag/fly this year.

They're getting you on the mineral. Hi mag/fly here is 25.xx/bag. I bought two today.

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