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Alright people, it is becoming increasingly important to stand on our beliefs and vote our beliefs. We continue to elect people who go along with these ideas, why? I don't get it, (and by the way, we just made the biggest leap toward this kind of thinking ever). Number 1, vote your beliefs. Number 2 share your beliefs and ideas with others. I just don't get it, everyone I talk to is upset with our politicians for giving into ideas such as these, yet we just made the hugest jump towards ending our way of life ever, he will side with these nutjobs. I'm sorry I know it's a little off subject and I'm ranting, but it's all tied together and I'm fed up. Why do these people get the chance to threaten our way of life?
One of the saddest things about these bleeding hearts is that they will likely be dead and gone before the full impact of their "concerns" comes into play. They will spend eternity being proud of all the "good" they accomplished for us little people.

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