How often supplementing protein?

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Jun 25, 2016
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Most of my grass is either dry or very mature and some of my heifers are looking a bit thinner. I have decided to supplement cubes but wanted to know how often. I do not feed the cows otherwise since I have plenty of grass. I do provide a complete loose mineral at all times. Is it an everyday thing or can I get away with once a week? Thanks for any input.
I feed every day because my hay is sorry. I just upped the protein some in this last grinding to 60% wcs, and 40% corn. Feeding daily won't shock a cows system and I feel you get more gain for your dollar.
I'm feeding 6-7lbs of a 26% cube every third day currently. During the really cold spells I'll move it to every other day. I don't think you'll see much benefit at once weekly especially if you are wanting them to gain any condition.
I'm feeding 8 lbs per head twice per week of 12% protein. I also have 23% protein tubs out as well. I'm concerned about our hay that we are feeding that it's not up to the level they need without the extra feed and tubs. We've been feeding this way since Sept due to the drought and army worms. Hoping we have enough hay to make it to spring.

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