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Aug 30, 2004
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So. Cent. Ga.



Two Treeing Walkers.. They look like twins except one has more white on the muzzle. Sure can sing.
I'd have to go look at the papers, kenny. They're still out in the truck. They came from a man in Greenwood, S.C. I'm not very knowledgable about hounds. My 12 yr old son had to have a pair after reading Where the Red Fern Grows. I guess we'll learn together.
Favorite dog I ever had was a Walker hound named Spot.
I think your pups look great ~ looks like they have a lot of growing to do to catch up with those paws and knuckles ~ hope your family enjoys them. Where the Red Fern Grows broke my heart though.
:D Yes they do have large feet. The man I bought them from said they'd probably get to 50-60lb. Both females.
Great thing for a 12 year old. Gets him out and keeps him out of trouble. Good luck with them. If you can find them buy 2 books, Walk with Wick 1 and 2. Great books for learning about training and coon hunting in general. Also check out ukcdogs.com forum for tips and ideas.
If it is nearby check out the UKC Winter Classic in Albany GA this friday and saturday. Check the ukc website for details and directions. Take your wallet because any product related to coon hunting will be there.
most walkers get bigger than 50-60 pounds at least the ones here in new england. The males are about 100 pounds and the females are about 80 pounds. I have redbone coonhounds, and had a redbone walker cross that i adopted out. Hounds are a blast, but can be as smart (or uh..dumb) as thier owners, so read up, and get training. They are never to young.
I'm only 2 or so hours from Albany, kenny. I'd like to go to that show but I've got too much going on this weekend. We went to the Grand American in Orangeburg, S.C. back the first weekend in January and had a fine time.

Vt, yeah most of the ones I've seen are bigger than what I said. I'm hoping these will stay on the lower end of the scale. Those are some smart pups. They sure can find ways to get in and out of places that no other dogs I've had could find. How big are your Redbones?
I own 3 walkers from 2-9 year old. Weigh from 40lb to 75lb.
The 9 year old is being hunted by a 14 year old boy who had nothing to hunt. Both him and her are having a ball. PM me the bloodlines sometime. I really like seeing youngsters get started, both human and hound.
Oh I just love those pups! I wish I had two just like that. I have two hounds. Ones a Walker shes coming in heat. We have to find a male to breed with her and soon. I have a redtick/bluetick female pup and shes got a mouth on her. Shes got this beautiful bark. I cant wait to get her hunting. The Walker is an excellent dog she trees her own coon. I am trying to find a nice Walker male to breed with her kinda hard to find.
I live close to Bluefield Virginia. I have not found a good enough stud to breed with my gyp. She is a very nice dog. I dont want to breed no trash with her. I wish I had some pics of her. I sadly dont have a digital camera anymore. I will have to get one soon.
nice dogs..

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