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Nov 21, 2013
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Hello. I hired this little bloke to mate my pet fresian heifer. When i get that pesky first calf out of the way she can fall into step with my bbaldy cows and run with the Charolais bull.
So iam running this cow/heifer with the little hire bull. There has been some "activity" today. The cow had a prem calf that died and i thought i would rretain her and have a second chance with her to see what happens.
I have had my hired bull running with 2 females and i have seen both of them in season and one of them being served. So do i give the bull another oportunity in 3 weeks so he is with them for two cycles or do i call it mission acomplished and send him home?
How long ago did the cow lose her calf? Since you already have him there I would keep him there in time for two cycles in case he didn't settle both of them.
Well to put it polietly he has pounded her all afternoon so i hope she settles.

Cow lost her calf first week of feb so i guess thats about 6 weeks to be back in season.

The bull is here to mate the pet heifer and this cow is just getting a go because the bull was around. The cow will get to live with the other cows and the char bull thats coming first of may.
Has you hire bull passed a BSE and Trich test? I would not use a bull that had been exposed to other cows without a trich test. We have a partner bull and part of the partner agreement, is that the bull has to pass a trich test prior to delivery to our partner our partner also has to have him tested prior to us getting him back. This protects both partners, trich can cost you an entire breeding season.

Gizmo i dont know what you are talking about. Risk is i can hire a bull and get germs, give up on cows and be unhappy or hire a bull from a good cattle men and hope for the best.

We have these things in Australia called smart arses.

I have 4 cows and the Ai tech wont come for that few. Doesnt leave me many options.
Not trying to be a smart arse here in the U.S. we have Trich

http://osufacts.okstate.edu/docushare/d ... 134pod.pdf

If you or the person your borrowing the bull from has a cow that has Trich and the bull breeds the cow he will then spread trich to every cow he breeds. You can clean up trich from the cow herd but once a bull has Trich he is done you can't get rid of it. You don't realize you have Trich unless you test for it, a bull looks fine, he still breeds cows but a cow that gets Trich will usually abort the calf.

Again not trying to be a smarty pants, you may not have Trich in your part of the world. We know several folks that have been hit very hard financially because of Trich. Many have never heard of it, so I try to give folks a heads up that this is something to test for. A trich test can sure save you money in the long run.

Hope he gets them bred for you and
All goes well. That was good advice and info from gizmom. I didn't see anything smart or negative in the post. Having a bull tested isn't a slight to anyone or the quality of their cattle. Just good protection for all parties involved. Many never have bulls tested and work out just fine, but there's always that chance.
Fair point. I guess my main frustration was the question was about mating length. I have opted for the 2 cycles as advised. The fresian is all hot and sweaty with mucas about 3 weeks since service. Obviously she didnt stick.

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