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Hilltop Open Range 2279

Briar Ridge Angus

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Aug 30, 2016
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I'm not really sure what is up with those EPDs in particular. I wish that the HP epd was better as I would like to keep some heifers from him but the acc isn't there either. Hopefully it will get better as the acc gets better.

Son of Butch

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Aug 30, 2010
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Frost Bite Falls, Minnesota
I like him a lot for market cattle because of his outstanding Top 1% feed lot $ top 4% $W and top 15% $B

But as cows appears his daughters are large framed eating machines.
Bottom 1% DMI bottom 10% HP top 25% MH, top 15% Mature Weight, top 10% milk [32] bottom 1% $EN -35

HP may be so low because of the large amount of feed needed to maintain body condition and heavy milk production
that breeding back on time becomes an after thought.
Top 2% YH and top 1% YW indicates no reason to believe HP edp will improve and may get worse with higher accuracy.

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