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red angus 2010

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Jun 26, 2010
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Middle Of USA
Taking two of my daughters out west to see the Rockies in winter. End of this week traveling across Missouri and Kansas on I-70 to Limon Co then into Summit County for a few days, then over to Leadville, Camp Hale, Sand Dunes National Park, Pueblo and Finally Garden of the Gods. Curious who we might be close to.
I am about 15 mins south of I-70 at Highway 470 exit.
Hope you have a great trip. If you would let us know how Summit County is that would be great as we are thinking about going there this summer.
Thanks to all that replied. Hunter I will be sure and let you know. When I have been out in the winter locals have told me if you like it in the winter you'll love it in the summer. Just about got kicked off a bus in Steamboat, the driver was a rancher and we got to talking about hay. He told me he got one cutting I was almost ashamed to tell him we got four in a normal year. The only time I was out in the summer we got a storm every afternoon like clockwork.
Thanks, we are hoping to do some whitewater rafting.
I thought we were doing good with two cuts of hay but four would be great.

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