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Joy of Texas

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Nov 13, 2007
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Well my job is just about over with at the fruit stand. It was long and way to hot this year. I see have alot of reading to catch up on. Hope this finds you all well.
We have sold most of our herd . I have around 30 head left. And seriously thinking of selling them off too. No rain and hay is sky high . I told Rick we will just start over.
I did want to share this with you. My jersey had another calf and yes it is half beefmaster.

glad your back,, sorry to hear about your situation, those droughts ive found are hard too get over even after good rains , theres still after effects from it
i know the drought is hitting yall hard.an sorry that your thinking bout selling the rest of the herd.joy you have beefmasters in your blood.an youll have more cows.
Hi Joy ,welcome back.. :wave:

I am sorry about your situation, believe me I feel your pain. I wish you the best..

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