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Oct 1, 2009
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:cboy: Well, I have been roaming the Horse Talk and Cattle boards and decided I would introduce myself.

I am 21 years old and a college senior. I am doing a student internship in a local middle school and will graduate with my teaching license in May. I have always had horses and cattle and, during high school, became quite the horse trader.

I have several horses.

Rocky is a 7 year old, bay roan, registered QH gelding. He was trained for cutting and working cow horse and I used him as a stud for a couple years. I never felt completely comfortable with him as a stud, so I cut him. I haven't had as much time to ride him, but when I do, I am much more at ease.

Littlun is a 5 year old, sorrel, registered QH mare. Her mom was a OTT QH turned barrel racing/pole bending mare who won some money. Her dad was a cutting horse. She was starved and is only about 13.2 hands, but has good conformation and is a good horse. She raised one colt out of the roan horse and is bred to our paint, calf roping horse. This will probably be the last colt I raise, since there is no market in my area.

Bob is a 3 year old, sorrel, grade QH gelding. He was given to me about a month ago. He was malnurished and had been untouched for almost a year. He is really gentle. I have a girl riding him and working with him to get him ready to find a job. I had planned on selling him, but he is doing so well that I think I might just keep him for myself.

I will try to get some pics on here soon.


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Apr 21, 2009
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NW Minnesota
Howdy and Welcome!! :banana:

this is a really great place to spend some time....

good folks and lotsa learnin' (and a bit of B.S. too... hehe)

don't forget to wear your tall boots!!! :lol:

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