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There is a lot of dairys were I live.A dairy cow makeing milk sells for $2000.If you can find them to buy.Holstien heffors run about $200.The thing is you have to feed them for 2 years before they make milk.I am considering buying heffer calfs just wiened and aiseing them to sale or lease to a dairy.Can I come out ?Feeding them 2 years?I will get the calfs that they give and half of those will be heffors so the cycle could continue another 2 years.Can I come out?Anyone tried this?

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If you are interested in custom raising dairy heifers it would be best to get into partnership with one or more or the local dairies and custom raise their heifers to their specific specifications. Most dairies that I am familiar with have a very specific genetic makeup to their herds and want their heifers with specific breeding and to be bred back to a certain set of bulls. If you just buy cull calves out at the sale barn you may have a hard time getting them resold/leased and the overhead cost will be the same.

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Thank-you Bob. Since I did use the same spelling as your correction I will assume that you wanted to send this to the author of the original message who used some very creative spelling. To do this you need to respond when you have their message activated and not on my response. Then your message will be sent directly to them in addition to being posted on the board.

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