Free Martin test-how long?

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Chocolate Cow2

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Feb 9, 2018
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If anyone has done this test, how long does it take to get results? I sent mine off March 26th. The sample arrived at the lab the 28th. I was told there would be results Friday the 6th. I'm still waiting. There's no reply from the lab when I inquire.
Who is doing it? I get my parentage DNA and DNA defect results back in 3 to 4 weeks from GeneSeek. I just had one of my very nicest fall bull calves come back NH positive. It took 3 weeks. GeneSeek has discontinued offering the freemartin test.
Chocolate Cow2":4bhvbis0 said:
Bright Raven-I thought you might like to read this article-

Thank you. Nicely planned study and good sample 399 to 400. I think I would buy into those results. It does not surprise me. The ones that needed amendment probably got it in the free choice mineral.

I appreciate you sharing that. Thanks.

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