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Feb 19, 2007
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southwest mississippi
say it's raining, cold, and 2 in the morning and you hear catttle bawling, something is not right...my question is this: typically, how many flashlights, lanterns, Qbeams, headlights, hunting lights, work lamps and what ever else you have on "that shelf" do you have to bang, twist, shake and cuss before you get a dim yeller beam that cast a ray about a foot shy of every stump, cripple dog, mud hole, and death trap ahead of you? and when you find the limb on the fence, it goes out...question #2 can you feel my pain?
None. A flashlight that doesn't work is as useless as a fire extinguisher that has been discharged.

We keep extra bulbs and extra batteries. A weak flashlight doesn't cut it around our house.
I like the maglites but if things get real bad I got one of those batteryless flashlights too.

Oh, I've always been told if you flip the batteries in a flashlight around they will keep longer. Don't know if this is true or not but maybe this post will shed some light on this rural legend.
I found a sale on petzl lights one time and bought everyone they had in the store. They were miss marked at $3.99 each and should have been at least $29.99. We have them everywhere and use them a lot. We have batteries and bulbs on hand to. I have no idea how many of the $5.00 lights at convent stores we have in the trucks to.

All of our farm trucks have at least 2 lights that you can swivel to get where you want. My 2 big trucks I use in the morning have 5 extra lights up top, one light is remote control, and I have fog lights under the rear bumpers as back up lights.
Had a big one that recharges and a maglight. Could not find the big one last time I ventured out in the middle of the night.
I still use the ol square looking ones, that use a 6V battery, they last pretty long too, and when they run out, just throw em out. Found two for 6 bucks the other day, so I got em.
I have C 2cell mag lights all over the place have a stinger rechargable in the outlet by the bed. The scope on several guns has Burnham bros. lights attached for varmit control. The only things that really PO me is a dead battery and a flat tire.
Caustic Burno":3jfhtjfy said:
The only things that really PO me is a dead battery and a flat tire.

And the sloshing of water and ice in the cooler but no cans or bottles bumping the walls of the cooler.