First steers starting to fill out

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Jun 17, 2016
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Salinas Valley, Ca
These are our first attempt to fill the freezer from our own steers. Have these guys on about 10lbs of grain and corn, free feed oat/pasture hay (round bales) and they do a little browsing on grass when they feel inclined to get up from resting under their favorite trees in their pasture. They are about 600 and 650lbs right now. I'm enjoying watching them starting to fill out from the lighter weight 500lbs'ers we bought them at.


Thanks Ranchman,,, We baught them October 18th. At the time one was 480lbs and the other 510lbs. The smaller one does not seem to be gaining as well as the larger. Not sure if he's just younger or what? They came off of different places so maybe the genetics just aren't in the smaller one to gain as well?

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