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Mar 25, 2017
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ne oklahoma
Got a little surprise yesterday , first calf out of my new herd of fallbreds . Wasn't supposed to be for another month at least, looked good, both it and momma were resting , bright eyed and perky though . I gotta admit , it really scared the be nice out of me because of the timing . I hadn't been over to check on them in a couple of days {my stepdad does a daily check ] because Ive been in the hay after work . I'm really glad it went ok, its really hot, and going over this morning before work.
Congrats. Glad it turned out to be a good surprise for you. Seems like something unexpected always happens when I'm tied up with hay or something else for a few days and don't get to check on them like I normally do.
Thanks , went over and he was up sucking and looked good, wanted to check on him this evening but had to finish up the equipment. I'll post a pic in a couple of days , gonna bale tomorrow , should be baling some of it right now. Just decided to to get some rest this evening and hit it hard tomorrow .
Congrats also. Have to get the first calf heifers home Aug 1st as they are due to start the 20th....but you never know.... Got a couple of bought ones due ????? so have to keep an eye on them. 1st cutting done but will be in the 2nd cutting orchard grass shortly.

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