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Oct 3, 2011
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I have a few black Beefmaster heifers and they are now pregnant for the first time. If my objective is a satisfactory breed back for the second calf and a productive cow going forward, at what age should I remove the calves from the heifers? The now pregnant with first calf heifers are in good health, good flesh, are well nourished with 35-3 liquid feed, hay, and still some green grass in the pasture (we have had some dry weather here).

Thanks in advance for any comments.

near Huntsville, Texas
my goal is to have them bred back by 80 days post calving and at least a 90 day dry period before next calving date. factors such as body condition scores, calving problems, health issues, and many more can alter that goal. hope all works out well for you.
My first calf heifers don't get special treatment. I turn out & pull all the bulls the same time, calves are weaned at appx. 6-7 months. I have a 60 day calving window but most calve within 45 days - including the heifers. The heifers that breed back immediately are the ones I focus on as far as retaining subsequent heifers.

You didn't mention minerals, but IMO they are essential.

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