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Feb 11, 2018
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What are fencing cost running in your area? Labor cost for new fencing have gone up to around 1.50 a foot for 5 strand and 1.75 for high tensil fixed knot in my area. I really figured the fixed knot would be cheaper per foot but not the case. The guys I know building fence are staying busy and working hard so people are definitely willing to pay. They have all pretty much gone away from drill stem and are using new pipe for braces. New pipe is definitely better but can run the price up quite a bit for the customer.

My nephew has worked for a fencing contractor on and off for several years, he quit them again for another job about a 6 weeks ago. He stopped by yesterday and told me they called and offered him $18 an hour to come back so he he took it. I was a little upset with him because the job he quit paid really good but he just didn't like the traveling they did. I was just really surprised at the $18 an hour. He's 19-20 and trying to get started so hopefully they'll keep him busy through the winter. It rained here from December to June this year and he nearly starved to death working a few days a week. I've got mixed feelings for him. On one hand I'd like him to keep building fence and start his own business in 5 years or so and on the other I'd like for him to get a job with a steadier income. Hopefully things will work out for him.
It rained here from December to June this year and he nearly starved to death working a few days a week.

Does the employer pay unemployment if workers are laid off or working reduced hours during Winter?
What usually happens is a young person gets a job working for someone and soon becomes disenchanted with something about it, time, pay, distance, co-worker, or the grass just looks greener somewhere else.....something. Then quits. Repeats the process someplace else a few times. Eventually decides to stay at something for the stability of income, benefits, etc.

Some folks are self starters, green light thinkers, not allergic to work and long hours, creative, enjoy a challenge, like seeing results, learns how to multiply his time. They become the business owners those other folks work for!

Each one has to learn where he fits in, and only that person can determine the end picture.
No he doesn't get any pay on rain out or in between job days. Sometimes they have shop work when it's raining but not too often. Every now and then he has trouble getting his weekly pay too. Poor kid doesn't really have anyone to help him out so I try and give him advice but he just doesn't understand how jobs work. It's bugs me that all these young guys think they should start at the top these days. Nobody wants to put the time in anymore.

I called about having an Entrance built today and a local guy quoted me $100 an hour for a 3 man crew on the entrance, I think that's plenty fair. They quoted $2 a foot plus $300 a brace for fixed knot fence, I thought that was a little high but they do good work.

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