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Feb 14, 2015
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AT the FLORIDA STATE line checking papers
I have been checking electric fence since I was old enough to be told to do it 7 or 8 yrs old. All the hog pens were about 1/2 acre and on 80 acres and each one had web wire with and electric wire about 4 " off the ground on a china nail in insulator. I would walk miles and miles everyday with a short hoe and a light tester getting the fence working after the hogs rooted dirt or some other debris up on it . Fast forward 30 yrs or so and although I don't have that many miles of fence I have quite a bit and still spend a lot of time checking them. I found a fault finder on EBay last week for 60 bucks free shipping Its a DARE and retails for about 120 bucks . I ordered it and it came in 3 day later from California which was a miracle IMO , How did I survive without it all these yrs. I first tested my heifer/ weaning field its 4 ACRES and only has a strand of wire on 2 sides so its a short run The test light showed it was working I tested with to new tool and it was running 9 joules and 30amps (11 joule box) with an arrow pointing to a FAULT , I walk down the fence and low and behold I find a short piece of wire that has got against it . clear it and it at 11joules and 2 amps . Now on this section I would have found it any way but on my HT fence I don't know which direction to go . Several on here have recommended them and If you have Electric fence Spend the 100 bucks or so it is worth it , I was so impressed that I got a good sock to put the tester in so they dust stays off of it on the Kubota and will soon build a leather case for it and just might stamp a name on it after I decided what to call her.
Caustic Burno":1081u184 said:
+1 I carry one in the Mule glove box cuts hours of looking to minutes.
I also have fence alert lights on every run worth every penny as well when you have miles of electric wire ran.

https://www.valleyvet.com/ct_detail.htm ... wAodvHMOxg

CB, I have those, but they are in a box in the shop. After a few months the contacts started rusting and then every time I looked they were flashing. Wiggle them around and they quit, and then start again when the moon changes phase. Keep thinking I'll just wire them but haven't gotten to it.
Long time this is good stuff.
I spray my battery terminals twice a year on my F-250 and tractors never any green corrosion. I spray my fence charger terminals about three times a year. I guess your weather would have an impact I get 60 inches of rain on average a year.
It is kind of pricey at 11 bucks a can

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