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Thank you to everyone that sent me birthday wishes. It is wet here, and we will continue to get wetter as Florence" moves north out of the Carolinas. We should not see any horrible flooding here, although the ground is saturated. Southwest Va will see more than us. Not the greatest way to celebrate the BIG 65!!!!! We have had several new fall calves and a premie yesterday that I don't think I will be able to save. Oh well, it's all part of it.
Thanks again.
farmerjan":86mkv7yq said:
skyhightree1":86mkv7yq said:
Happy birthday trader.. :bday:

I am not a traitor, just have to stick with the girls..... :roll: :lol2:

Hmmmmm…………. not sure what that's all about. :???:

Anyhow, Happy Birthday FarmerJan!!!! :wave: I hope the rest of your day is a good one. Enjoy a nice, big, glass of cold milk! (the best beverage, in my opinion) Hopefully you'll have a piece of cake to go with it. ;-)
Workinonit; it goes back to Mrs. Sky's birthday cake and my comment that She should have put him out and let the skeeters get him when he did the cake for her!!!!!! And that us girls had to stick together and it was "mean" what he did/said to his wife!!!! All in fun.
Happy Birthday Farmerjan! Best wishes for another trip around the sun.
farmerjan":1eax3937 said:
JMJ Farms":1eax3937 said:
:bday: farmerjan. I hope you enjoy many more :tiphat:

I will gladly try to enjoy many more if I can start going backwards now with the count????????

Oh yeah...sure...that's how it works. You just have to wait a couple..maybe 3 more years for that to haven't reached that threshold yet.