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Nov 22, 2015
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Do you put eid tags on beef cattle under 18 months or steers going to sale barn? It is not required, correct? But anything over 18 months is, except steers right?
Call your sale barn. There are different states requiring different things, some more than the fed rules. It was originally all dairy animals regardless of age, baby calves on up. I understood it that if it was going directly to slaughter they didn't need it but was told recently that they did. Any breeding age animals need it; not beef animals under 18 months, heifers or steers or bulls don't need it. At least not here in Va. We don't use the electronic, just a state issued tag. Call them and they will tell you exactly what they have to have.
Where I used to work, all the cattle had EID buttons. At birth, calves were tagged, buttoned, and banded (if bull calves). That was here, in Virginia.
Ok, will call, ....if they are not required then there is no reason theywould sell for more if they had them, right?
Yes, they might bring more since they could be transported to other states that may have more stringent requirements. It's all in the traceability thing, and to go across state lines there are rules, and if a trucker is stopped for whatever reason, a trooper could be a real p****k and start questioning his transport papers. There are also several different kind of electronic ones that are acceptable.... For pete's sake, you don't think they might all get together and make something UNIFORM.. :shock: :shock: ... and from my understanding brands are still considered to be an acceptable form of ID, but they may have changed that since the last time I read the rules. :? :???: :? I do know that we did not tag any of the beef heifers we sold at the last sale 10 days ago. They were in the 4-5 wt range. We did buy some bred cows and they all had a button but the one that had a calf, the calf did not have a button but the momma did. And they don't have to be electronic, there are still state issued metal tags that are acceptable here in Va as most of the vets will supply a box of metal ear tags to the dairy farmers to put in the bull calves when they sell them.
As a DHIA milk tester, the farmers used to always get their tags from us and I kept a case of them to give a box of 100 to a farmer when he needed them. Now they have to be sent out directly from our home office to the farmer, and the numbers have to be assigned to that specific farm. We have stopped doing it for the most part. Too much added paperwork....

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