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Aug 15, 2006
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Read this on odd news,and don't know how to move it over....
India is going to make a cow urine flavored soft drink..cow urine cures all sorts of diseases,so it'll be a health drink.
too bad I don't have the throuing up icon
It's like that face lotion that has bull semen in it. I'm pretty sure I can handle a few lines as opposed to that! Gross. (I say that now, with very few wrinkles. I may change my position after summer has once again turned my skin to leather.)
Well, I been thinking about this.... There sure are allot of women who have taken and still take premarin the hormone pill thingy. It is made from pregnant mare's urine. No kidding.
A Tribe in Somalia (NE Africa) sometimes have trouble with their cows dispatching their milk.(we've all been there, right, cold hands, strangers hands) well, in such cases one of the boys is sent to solve the problem. He first lifts the cow's tail and blows on the vulva. Not working?....lips on, he then blows hard...and again...and again 'til it works. This tribe are renowned for their ginger hair, which they get from showering under the cows urine, bleaching their hair ginger.
Are redheads cheap? Depends which continent you are on.

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